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Tar and chip surfacing Contractor in Surrey

Has anyone talked to you about tar and chip (sometimes called tar and stoneor urface dressing) road surfacing? Have you ever wondered what a tar-and-chip surface is made of? Or how it’s made? … Have you ever considered having a tar-and-chip driveway at your home or business? We are a trusted Tar and chip surfacing Contractor in Surrey and we are ready to quote for your work today.

Tar and chip surfacing SurreyWhat is a Tar and Chip Surface?

A tar-and-chip surface is made by covering hot bitumen – aka asphalt – with stone aggregate. It comes in either bluestone or a sand-coloured stone and is a good-looking, versatile surface that has been a mainstay for driveways and carriageways in the UK for centuries. It’s also known as tar and chippings, tar and stone, chip and seal, and tar bond. A tar-and-chip driveway is hard-wearing, low maintenance, and less expensive than many other forms of surfacing.

How is a Tar and Chip Surface Made?

A driveway must have strong foundations. We pack a mixed-aggregate sub-base into our excavated site and then cover it with hot bitumen, which acts as a seal over the sub-base. Stone aggregate is spread over the sticky, molten asphalt, and a heavy roller presses the pieces of stone firmly into their bitumen bed.

Often, with budget-conscious customers, we find we’re laying a new tar-and-chip surface on top of an existing driveway. In this case, we’ll clear the site of debris and fill in any potholes. As a Tar and Chip Surfacing Contractor Surrey, we understand that thorough preparation is always important for a fantastic, long lasting surface finish.

Is Tar and Chip Expensive in Surrey?

A tar-and-chip driveway is inexpensive to install and costs next to nothing to maintain. Tar-and-chip doesn’t always last as long as some other surfaces. But even so, over a lifespan of approximately ten years, it’s an economical choice.

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